Two finger drag 😍 - any other hidden tricks?

I was watching some random YouTube reels and one popped up with a shortcut I’ve never seen before… if you drag down in an Apple app with two fingers (Mail, Notes, etc), it does a multi-select! Very neat!

Do you have any tricks that others might not know?


You can zoom Apple Maps (iOS/iPadOS) with one hand. It’s harder to describe than it is to do.

Double-tap-drag on the map. I.e. finger down, up, down-and-stay-down then move across the screen. Drag down to zoom out, up to zoom in.

This also works in any app that uses Apple Maps, such as FlightRadar24.


The two-finger drag to multi-select works not only in Apple apps but in any app that uses standard UI elements on iOS/iPadOS, e.g. it will work in Ulysses and iA Writer to multi-select sheets and documents, in DEVONthink to also multi-select documents etc.


Just in case it isn’t clear, you can often just two-finger tap, too. E.g., to select discontiguous items.

Holding the space bar on the iOS keyboard to move the cursor is a key hidden feature for me.

Another one: using accessibility shortcuts to assign actions to double- and triple-tapping the back of the phone. I have voice control attached to the triple tap, though I still need to practice with voice control more…


I had no idea, that is awesome!! Thanks for that!
Was out on a hike with my kids over easter and had only one hand most of the time (always some branch or drinking bottle to carry around). I kept thinking it should be possible to zoom by drag and it actually is!!!


Press and hold an item (like a picture someone emailed you) in one app, then use your other hand to switch between apps at the bottom of the screen, then drop that item into another app (drop the photo into messages).

I use this to put an email link into my Things inbox when on iPhone.


Also on Mac, if you have a trackpad and a mouse, you can use the mouse to start dragging an item, then use the trackpad to switch Spaces (if so configured) or scroll, say, a Finder window before dropping the drag. It works with two trackpads as well (such as a Magic Trackpad and one built into a MacBook.


Hard to believe, but you can also do this with just one trackpad and two hands. Not that you would.

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I do that on iPad and occasionally iPhone but it did not occur to me to do it on Mac!

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Do that all the item, while dragging stuff around:)

From time to time I google the terms ‘IOS gestures’ and almost always learn something new like these tricks: