Two Laptops One Keyboard

What’s the best way to switch between laptops while using the same Magic Keyboard/Mouse?

My wife and I both have laptops and switch between using the monitor setup in the office. I recently bought a Magic Keyboard and after using it for a couple days I remembered why I go away from Apples peripherals.

Anytime we want to use the keyboard and mouse at the monitor we have to forget the device and reconnect it. Is there a better way?

You could connect via cable rather than Bluetooth, and you can just switch the wire to the laptop you want to use.

You could also look into the ToothFairy app which I use to switch AirPods between devices, so it might work with the Magic Keyboard, and is much cheaper (~$5) than buying a keyboard that allows multiple connections (e.g., I use a Keychron that you can easily switch between 3 devices).


I use a hub and accidentally discovered this benefit of using the cable. Rather than having to switch the cable between laptops (or laptop and ipad in my case), I just plug the machine I’m using into the hub and the keyboard works with it just fine.


I would recommend one of Logitech’s multi-radio Bluetooth keyboards – press a button and you switch between computers. I’ve used one with two Macs and an iPad before, and it’s pretty nice.

This is one – I think they have others though, and no doubt other manufacturers do the same.

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It’s missing Touch ID.

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I should add that I also have a Magic Mouse and Trackpad that I have the same issue with.

For a company that’s says “it just works”, this does not “just work”.

I don’t find that reaching out and touching the Touch ID pad is all that difficult.

It is when the laptops are in clamshell mode.

Ah. Yes. That would be a good trick

I use a Jelly Comb 3 item BT keyboard and mouse to switch between 2 laptops. On the keyboard press the BT button to connect, flip mouse over and press the same button, they connect.

You must pair up before this will work easy

One laptop has the touch ID, I just use the watch to unlock site work laptop stays in clamshell mode.

Other laptop is personal and connects to a shared 40" Samsung monitor that I swap the display from.

Same desk, same keyboard/mouse, shared monitor.

Yes I would say it just works :slight_smile:

Would this help?