Two major annoyances – using Siri to find files in Finder and Dictation not working in clamshell mode

These two things are driving me nuts. If someone has the fix I’ll be forever grateful.

  1. When using Siri to find files, I cannot open the search results in finder. For example, if I say “show me files created in the past day”, the Siri dropdown shows me a few and then has text that says “Show all ### results in Finder”. If I click that, Siri just disappears. If I say something like “Open in finder”, it will just open a normal finder window.
  2. I cannot use dictation when my MBP is in clamshell mode. All other audio input works fine (Siri, Chrome voice commands, etc.), but NOT dictation. It has the little microphone popup and just does nothing. I know this is because the T2 chip disables the internal mic when the lid is closed, but come on, I can’t even use an external microphone or my airpods to dictate when they work fine everywhere else.

Any ideas?

Here’s a SS of the siri file search ->