Two Studio Display Set-up Questions & More…

Since the Studio Displays have speakers and webcam built-in, how will it work with two? Will you be able to use both speaker sets and both webcams, or will we choose one or the other?

How will portrait orientation effect the Center Stage feature?

How will portrait orientation effect spatial audio?

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Been wondering about the webcam/speakers also.

Of course Portrait will only work if you go for the VESA option rather than a stand. I’m still undecided which stand to go for (I’ve ordered both) but suspect I’ll go with the height adjustable one.

You will select one webcam and one sound output in the standard MacOS System parameters.

However you can use the macOS MIDI app to combine your audio sources into one virtual combo output source if you wish to use mutliple speakers simultaneously.


I’m guessing that the webcam will be just like any time you’ve got multiple webcams hooked up to one machine (or both an internal webcam and an external one). Whatever software you’re using will have a drop-down where you can select which one you want to use.

As far as orientation goes, at least on iPads Center Stage works in any orientation.


Doesn’t the height adjustable stand allow portrait orientation?

Nope!! unfortunatley not.

That’s why it’s a $400 option rather than a $999 option. :grin:

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