Two things on airpods pro

Two things I need some help with, one is the annoying chime signals coming on when pressing the pod switching from transparent mode to noise cancelling, is there a way to not have that sound on at all, I can’t stand the sound and I find it to loud.
The other thing: when switching from my iphone to my ipad I have to manually go into bluetooth settings to connect my airpods. Is there a way for that switch to take place automatic?

I don’t know about the first one (but probably not?)

The second one: create a shortcut with one action - Set playback destination

If you set that then to the AirPods it will connect them with 1 press of a button, not the 3 needed in settings. There’s no way to do it automatically.
(I’ve got this shortcut on my iPad and iPhone set as a widget item)

How would your ipad know that it needs to output sounds to your airpods unless you tell it.

Have you tried switching through the Control panel instead of via Bluetooth?