Typical turnaround time for MBP keyboard replacement

The N key on my girlfriend’s 2016 MBP went south. The Apple store told her 14 days turnaround. Have any of you been quoted 2 weeks, but had faster service?
Two weeks is a longtime to be without her computer.
I know we could buy one and return it, but we don’t want to go that route.

When I’ve done major service stuff like logic board replacements or top case replacements, it’s typicslly been 3-4 business days (including shipping time!), whether I mail it in or drop it off in person. 2 weeks is insane! Is this directly through Apple or a service provider?

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Apple quotes worst case scenario timeline so when it comes back in 3-5 days, you are pleasantly surprised and think it came back faster than quoted. Also during peak repair times (just before school, holidays and end of school year) the demand for repairs is higher.

Also, most in-store repairs are now only for iPhones. All portable computers are sent to a Service Center in the US. Some even send in Mac Pro’s now. Your iMac and Mac mini will stay in-store for repair.

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I would recommend to contact Apple directly via


Because almost nothing is being done in the Apple Stores any more, you very well may speed up everything contacting Apple Support directly via phone in order to get the MacBook Pro to be sent in for a keyboard replacement.

Dave Hamilton of the MacGeekGab Podcast was talking about this issue some months ago. He did have several service cases in his family and had a very bad and slow experience with the Apple Store and a fantastic experience with Apple Support on the phone. After he said that on the podcast, several listeners chimed in with similar experiences.

Here in Germany, almost everything gets sent to Apple in the Czech Republic and still, they manage to get stuff done within 3-4 days (from sending them the device until getting it back).

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She talked to support, who had her take it to an Apple store. This was the quoted time by the Apple store person.

My experience has been:

Day 1) Pickup

Day 2) Delivery to Apple

Day 3) On its way back to me

Day 4) I have it back

Sometimes Day 2&3 are the same day.


Girlfriend just showed me this. Holy shit. $795 for flat rate repair without Applecare?

The way the 2016 MacBook Pro is designed, a keyboard replacement essentially requires scooping the guts out of the computer and putting them in to an entirely new top case, which is why it’s so expensive.

That said, because of issues with the keyboard Apple has a Keyboard replacement program, which should be doing these expensive repairs free of charge. The image you posted shows the “Amount Due” as $0, so are they actually going to charge anything for this service?

No, but the potential was there. That’s the shocking part.
To know that the flat rate fee is probably the cost of making the machine (or more) is ridiculous.

I had a key stop working on my 2018 MBP. Dropped it off and got a call an hour later - they were able to blow the grit or whatever out of the keyboard and no replacement needed.

Hm. Sounds like that could easily happen again.
Hopefully my GF’s will be replaced with the one with the membrane.
Article says they are quieter, which will be nice.

The 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard is not compatible with earlier models.

Sigh. That’s unfortunate.

I had the same experience.

My space bar got stuck on my 2016 MBP, I set up a genius appointment and they were able to clean the keys without changing the top case, took half an hour at the Apple Store. I now have a silicon key protector in place to avoid dust from entering the mechanism.

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Great idea!

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