Typinator 9 released

Ergonis Software has released Typinator 9.

• Improved modern and fresh user interface
• Typinator now also available in Spanish
• Full Ventura compatibility & improvements
• Improved stability and robustness for Dropbox synchronization
• Quick Search can now show roman numbers
• Speed and performance enhancements
• Enhanced robustness when importing sets
• Better support for Parallels proxy apps
• Typinator now disabled im UTM for reducing unwanted expansions

Price is US $29,99 (without taxes).

Free for anyone who purchased a license for Typinator on or after October 1st 2022.

Other current customers can buy at a reduced upgrade price (50% off).

Did anyone try it? Any reason to upgrade from v8?

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I can not see any examples of the

Having said that I still like the company and will probably upgrade.

I purchased the upgrade. The UI upgrade is subtle. There’s also a new app icon and menubar icon. Other than that, there’s not much different or new.

Well, in the Apple spirit: You’re viewing it wrong!

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Absolutely indispensable software whatever it looks like! :grin:


Same here - already upgraded & love this app and the new user interface looks really good! Again a solid upgrade.

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I agree it’s a small upgrade - but it’s an amazing app and I think it’s well worth supporting them to continue in existence.


They took out the Family Upgrade option. I always upgraded Family and now they are all individual licenses. But it does not matter as there is no special discount per se.

They do not sync via iCloud do they? Read and found only Dropbox as an option and as I have phased out Dropbox long ago I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Also, do they allow variable expand speed? I use this option in Keyboard Maestro all the time as some apps seem to have problems with text being entered (not pasted) too quickly - especially Citrix.

Syncs via any cloud service if you set the ‘sets folder’ location to it.

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I think this is a touch unfair. I think the new interface is nice. Certainly similar enough to Text Expander without the pain of a subscription. Worth the £15 I had to pay to upgrade.

I guess I should clarify. On the Web site, with the one picture showing the new interface, I did not spot a big difference between the new interface and the old interface; with close inspection, I realized I was mistaken.

What do you like better about the new Typinator interface?

I will likely upgrade, and I do appreciate not paying a subscription.

I think the glyphs are nicer.

It doesn’t look so boxy and rigid.
Fields are aligned nicely.
Statistics, Settings and more are uniform and more legible

It still very much looks like Typinator but just a more smooth aesthetic


Thanks for the reply. I have to agree, it does look nicer and makes me actually want to do more work with the app. Comes at a good time, looks like I will have more use of templates at work.

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