Typing Issue with Magic Keyboard - Anyone else?

Hi Folks,
Is anyone else experiencing some apps where the magic keyboard stops working. For me, everyone once in a while in Facebook Messenger app, when I type, nothing will show up. The only way to fix it is to force quit the app, and then it works again. It also happened while filling in forms on a webpage in safari. The odd thing is that in each instance, the trackpad continues to work, but the typing keys do not.

anyone else having this ?


@CheekyJeremy: I have no idea if it’s related, but I have similar symptoms with my 3P Logitech iPad Pro. I think I can (often?) clear the issue by switching apps.

I suspect the problem is with iPadOS, not the keyboards.

Facebook Messenger does this to me but was also doing it with my Smart Keyboard. As far as I can tell it isn’t just related to the Magic Keyboard (my guess is there is something buggy in FB Messenger).

It’s the only app that does this to me.

Thanks folks, I will try switching apps when it next happens.