Typing on iPad - Keyboard Maestro action

I am moving over to an iPad for my day to day work. I no longer have a Laptop. I am hoping that someone may know a way to achieve a keyboard maestro action I had setup on my MacBook on an iPad.

I had set up an action on my MacBook using Keyboard Maestro that would delete the last word I typed by hitting the j,k keys. So when typing I could easily deleted the last typed word. Is there any way to do this using an iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard?


Take a look at SHORTCUTS from David Sparks. I can tell you I had a HAZEL task to get the SYSTEM DATE. His Field Guilde show me how to get the SYSTEM DATE, and placed it where needed.

For example, I do not want to type OCTOBER 30 2019 into notes for example. I found this works with NUMBERS, PAGES, and NOTES.

He has a lot of good ideas. This is just a starting point.

Why System Date, I like to Date Stamp all of my notes.

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Try option-delete. (Should also work on your Mac)