Ugmonk launches Gather on Kickstarter

I believe there are few Ugmonk fans here, so thought of sharing. But they launched Gather yesterday as their new product on Kickstarter. I believe they will be focusing mainly on Gather going forward, and they have discontinued many of their products like clothing for instance.


It looks interesting, but beside I stopped buying something on Kickstarter, or Indigogo (too many bloody noses during the last years on that!) I am sorry, but I do not see the value for the price they asked.
I know that there are a lot of people with a different taste like me, who will go for it, at least because it is expensive, but if I have a look for example onto this kind of carpet they use, I would expect pretty soon some dirt that will be hard to be removed again from that material, like the carpets in many trunks.

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I’m priced out of their desk equipment, but the discounts on the remaining clothing stock are pretty nice. Based on their ‘x stock remaining’ notices, I think I just bought 40% of the unbranded stock in my size. :slight_smile:

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Looks like a nice alternative to Grovemade stuff:

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Odd they are launching on Kickstarter when this has been out for years. I liked the idea and found some similar index cards with check boxes on Amazon for like $5 -10 that work great.

I didn’t realize until I read this article, but these pieces are made differently than the old ones. He’s working with Amish/Mennonite furniture and tool makers instead of injection molding in China. Kickstarter is probably because he’s good at Kickstarter marketing and wants to reduce the risk of the initial run.

Another fun fact from the article was that his Analog system has become 80% of his revenue.

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Thanks for the post! Happy to answer any questions.

Yes, this is a different approach than the first iteration of Gather and is a premium price, but I’m pumped to be making it with local craftsmen here in Pennsylvania, all within a 60 mile radius of us. As a designer, being able to stand in the Amish/Mennonite shops and collaborate with them has been a game changer in bringing this to idea to life.

Just as with well-crafted furniture, mechanical keyboards, and musical instruments, there’s a big difference in quality and the way things are made. It’s not for everyone, but those that appreciate it will feel the difference. And we can feel good about making it this way, even if it doesn’t scale.

This Verge post goes into a bit more about how I’m thinking about things: How Ugmonk’s designer built the new Gather desk accessories - The Verge

Thanks for your support.


Thanks :slight_smile: We’re still a small company so launching in Kickstarter really does help us fund the first production run and validate the product before going all in.

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Congrats Jeff on your launch! Wishing you success with this, and thanks for hanging out with us on the MPU forums. I’ve been a fan of your work since Shawn Blanc and Offscreen Magazine started sharing it back in the day.

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Nice I like how you signed up here after seeing the traffic coming from this link. I hope that helped.

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Thanks! Appreciate you following all of these years :raised_hands:

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