UI Browser End of Life

Disappointing News:

This is an application that I intended to install but never did. I would be curious to know what is missing from the now-open-source UI Browser 4. Would you be willing to try it out and give us a report?

I will see if I can try it without removing the installation of my current version

I did try it but did not get far.

Is needs some permissions (not suirprising) but I think it’s coded for System Preferences and not System Settings. I could not figure out to finesse it.

It wants you to grant the “Accessibility” permission in “Privacy & Security”. Assuming that the relevant data structures have not been rewritten (and I have no idea whether this is true) you should be able to grant that permission outside of the app and then the app should start up.

Excellent! I was looking in the wrong place, of course. Thanks for this.