Ultimate DIY Hardware hack - convert Ikea Sonos to drive existing bigger/better speakers as Sonos/AirPlay 2



Looks like a fun project. I just set up airplay on a Raspberry Pi for the kitchen. I may have to go this way for the bedroom.

I’ve found that if you have an AirPlay 2 capable AppleTV and it’s hooked up to Sonos surround sound then you can AirPlay to the AppleTV and all your other Sonos speakers from there. Works perfectly for me since I’m not in the market to buy new Sonos speakers to get the AirPlay functionality. I’ve got 3 Play 3’s, 3 Play 1’s, 2 soundbars and a Subwoofer. from 2015. They work great with this way with my HomePods.

That is phreaking awesome!

I’ve got one those plugged into the stereo in the den. The unusable first gen Airport Express that I’ve got scares me off of buying any more of them.