Ultra wide monitors

Has anyone got any recommendations for ultra wide monitors ?

I have an LG curved - this is my second as work bought me a flat one (but it has to stay in the office, hence buying my own). I went with 34" and it’s great. I can comfortably fit 3 windows on it horizontally, and the screen doesn’t feel like it gets particularly warm - useful when until recently my “desk” was in a cupboard!


… and now!


This one happens to be my favorite.

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Do you find that the curve reduces the parallax issues inherent to large screens, and/or helps with ergonomics (as far as having to turn your head / adjust to see things)?

I find it more comfortable than the flat screen I had, but some of that may be down to my overall environment too. I do know people who’ve tried to use ultrawide curved screens for gaming and experienced motion sickness which is not nice at all - but I’m a programmer and not really a gamer!


I find its distortions difficult when editing photos. Curved monitors are optimized for things besides accurate color gamut as well.

Don’t own one but when I’ve talked to people who have used them, the ones who like them are doing anything other than design work. Designers don’t typically care for them. But that may be isolated to the folks I’ve talked to.

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I have the Benq EX3501R https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/gaming/ex3501r.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2Kyj86vh6wIVEL7ACh1hkwr_EAQYBCABEgJIPvD_BwE

Very pleased with it. I have connected to my Mac mini with a USBC to Display port cable and also to my work Windows laptop (Thinkpad 480S) via USBC. This works well and allows me to switch the monitor back and forth easily, without an extra kvm switch and still get the high resolution.


I’ve got the Philips 346B (34 inch curved ultra wide) and I’m really pleased with it. Helps with running Zoom calls where I’m sharing PowerPoint whilst wanting to have windows open with chat and breakout rooms etc.

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Hi, thanks for the messages :slight_smile:

I am a programmer, who now just mainly hosts meetings on zoom with a screen share going (and TBH I kinda like talking about code, more than I thought).

I have a Dell 27" (collection of seemingly random numbers) atm, with a second screen of a Asus 17, dropping this 2nd monitor for a larger primary is basically what I want…

oh if apple would get back into the monitor game! </ lament>

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