Ulysses 17 update for iPhone and iPad

Ulysses 17 update for the iPhone and iPad is out. There are three additions that caught my attention. Two are useful to me.

  1. New export styles for PDF and DOCX

We have also added four new export styles for PDF and DOCX. Each style is built for a specific purpose, and thus modeled after a common template: Business is geared towards reports and strategy papers, and Academica is meant for lecture notes. Review was built for on-paper/print-out editing, and Manuscript uses the U.S. layout standards for submitting literary works to publishers.

  1. When entering keyword a list of all currently used keywords is brought up for point and click inclusion.
  2. On the iPad the distraction free full screen mode is more distraction free.
    The keyword and distraction free changes are appreciated. No big deal overall but these changers are enhancements.

Edit to add — Photo captions done in editor… That should prove useful for my export to WordPress. … haven’t tried it yet.

Version 18 is promised for Catalina, iOS, iPadOS when they are not beta.


I’m a subscriber, I like the app, and I appreciate the pace of development, but the continued limitations of export styles are disappointing to me. The devs create the styles, users cannot, and there’s no way to change fonts/sizes/margins in export.

I created several export styles for my own use. It is a bit complicated, but this is MacPowerUsers. Here is info on how to do it:


My method is to find a style similar to what I am looking for and then I will edit it - changing fonts, margins, headers, etc.


I haven’t messed with styles much other than looking on the old styles exchange.

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