Ulysses: Finding the Illusive URL Callback Link on MacOS

One of the great features of Ulysses is that you can use URL callback links in other applications. The URL callback in Ulysses on iOS is easy to find. It is hidden in the Mac version. To access it:

  • Hold (Option).
  • While holding (Option), Control-click the file you want to link to.
  • Select “Copy Callback URL”:



Or use this Alfred workflow I wrote:


Thanks for sharing. This will certainly be much faster for those familiar with using Alfred and scripts.

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This ‘hidden’ features drive me mad. Thanks for posting

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Yeah I emailed support and they actually said they hid it because they thought users would find it annoying. I made a plea for dropping the option key but they obviously haven’t.

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One of my favourite use cases is to link an Ulysses sheet to an OmniFocus project or action. Sometimes I’ll also include the link to the OmniFocus project/action in Ulysses



Yes, the cross-platform linking in both OF and Ulysses is great for this scenario.

If anyone is interested I have cooked up scripts in iOS using Drafts and Workflow that let you search titles in Ulysses and get markdown links ready to go on the clipboard. It’ll take a bit to write it up.

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Here it is:


Hey there, is there an updated alfred script…the referenced github rep is gone

Do you mean this link or another?


If so you can find the access token directions here


Approximately 1600 days later a google search brings me right here and solves my problem!

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