Ulysses image sizing help

The only barrier so far for doing my writing & reports in Ulysses is image sizing. It’s much better than using Pages for what I do despite losing the layout WYSIWYG functionality.

With an image inserted as the first thing in a new sheet, Ulysses places it centred in a PDF export. The plan is to have a small company logo top left of the report. Not a widescreen header!

I’ve found this explanation and code but don’t know how or where this might address my problem:

// Set left and right margins for all images
media-image {
	margin-left:   10pt
	margin-right:  10pt

// Paragraph style used for all figure-like images
paragraph-figure {
	margin-top:      1em
	margin-bottom:   1em

Anybody have a suggestion how to have this letterhead type template as a starting point for new sheets?


You probably have already been here. But just in case… l haven’t done what you requested but am curious about the solution you construct.