Ulysses not syncing

Not sure if anyone has had this problem.

I have Ulysses on my Mac, iPhone, iPad. They have always been in sync and fine…until today.

My Mac and iPad are fine and in sync. The iPhone doesn’t load up all my sheets, writing, etc. I clicked on “show iCloud” and that’s greyed out. I checked iCloud settings, storage settings. Not sure what else to do.

Did you reboot the iPhone?

At one point I had a similar issue. I deleted Ulysses, rebooted the phone, and reinstalled it. Nothing was lost. I recall doing that because of something I read in Ulysses help on their website. That was several years ago, though.

I just rebooted the iPhone. The majority came back on my iPhone, but anything that I created on the Mac yesterday, still has not shown up yet. Thankfully, it’s showing up on my iPad, but I will probably have to use my iPad this evening for my meeting instead of my iPhone.

When I had a similar problem a couple of years ago, I contacted Ulysses Support. They had me send various iCloud-related logs from all my Ulysses-using devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad). Their analysis concluded that my iCloud setup (mainly on the Mac) “might be corrupted in general since several programs utilizing iCloud Drive have trouble synchronizing.” They suggested I completely log off, then log back into, iCloud on all the devices. Since then, no trouble with Ulysses on any of the devices. Don’t know if this is applicable to your problem at all, but just FYI.

It happens to me occasionally on withering my devices - sometimes Mac, then iPad or iPhone. One thing that always seems to work for me is creating a new sheet on the device that doesn’t sync completely. That seems to trigger a sync in iCloud and a couple of minutes later all missing files magically show up; I then delete the dummy file I created and move on with my stuff.

Maybe something worth trying out?

iCloud on your Mac probably has issues.

My MacBook Pro will not sync any files in iCloud Drive up to the cloud. This affects Ulysses as it uses an older style of syncing that is effectively “put files in iCloud Drive” versus “sync with iCloud”.

Not sure what happened. Just restarted the iPhone a few times. It all works again. First time this sort of thing happens, made me very nervous