Ulysses or Draft support for Photo Galleries?

Is there any sort of gallery support in the “Publish to Wordpress” feature in Ulysses? If I could attach 30 photos to a post, hit publish, and have the photos display in a standard gallery, that would solve my biggest current workflow problem. I could edit photos in Lightroom on my iPad, then simply upload them along with the rest of the Wordpress content in the post. Anyone have any ideas about how I might achieve that?

(And a related question - is this even possible with Drafts? Seems like I’ve read that it’s possible to set a featured article in drafts, but I’m not sure about more than that.)

On the iPhone and iPad, typing (img) will now bring up an entire image choosing view, allowing you to select from your photo library, Files.app, a URL, or shoot a photo directly with the camera. After you enter the URL, you’ll see a preview of the web image in the editor.

Ulysses offers an image tutorial here:


Thank you. I’m actually hoping to figure out a way to access the “gallery” option for displaying multiple photos. There may be a workaround or even a shortcut that would help with it, too.

I use Ulysses with WPress. Haven’t seen a gallery command.

Directly publishing a post as a daft to my site is a real timesaver. But, I do fine tuning with WP’s built in editors — most of the time. (You probably are already familiar with this dance.)

@RichardC Yeah, I have managed to remove WordPress web editing from my workflow in most cases. Especially on the Mac. I’d love to figure out some way to do everything from within my writing apps (even if it means some kind of Shortcut to assist). Summer is a slower time for me, so I spend these weeks setting up small time-savers that I can I use when it gets busier.

Turns out I would be able to make this work with some custom fields on the Wordpress end, but there’s another problem. When Ulysses (and MarsEdit on the Mac) upload images along with posts, Wordpress doesn’t “attach” the image to the post. This is an idiosyncrasy of Wordpress in which images uploaded within the post editor are attached to a post, but images uploaded in the general media library are unattached.

My theme and the Elementor plugin make it possible to generate galleries dynamically - but they do that by looking for images that are “attached” to the post. Since Ulysses and MarsEdit don’t seem to attach the images to the post, I’m out of luck for now. Bummer.