Ulysses slashed their prices

Got an email from Ulysses that they slashed their prices.
Happy to see the trend going in this direction.

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What are the details?


not if it means less functionality and more advertisements

They figured out, that the customer are not paying 49,99€ for their product, and therefore they are lowering the price toward 39,99€.
At least, they are honest, about their reasons…!

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Would it be inappropriate to ask if folks could share the email’s text here?

I don’t subscribe to their newsletter, but I do pay for Ulysses, and I’m curious about the details.


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Here’s the relevant bit

Money* . Last week, we lowered our base price from €49.99 to €39.99 per year. I would love to brag how this is *our contribution to counter the current inflation *, but truth is: We simply conducted pricing experiments, and €39.99 turned out to be the sweet spot for our product. So there you have it. The new price is now in effect, and if your annual subscription is about to renew, it will renew at the lower price. If you are currently without a subscription, you can get Ulysses at the new price, too. And if you are already paying less (for whatever reason), your price will stay the same, of course. We are not crazy.”


Thanks for sharing this, much appreciated!

Good news. I’ve tried everything else recommended here but Ulysses ultimately provides the tools I need. I have had an academic license but will be renewing at full price next time.

I appreciate their honesty; they’ve found a lower price generates more revenue. It’ll be interesting to see where NotePlan ends up.

Thanks for pasting that. $30-40/year seems like a sweet spot for a relatively widely used premium tool.

That’s where I’ve landed for a while now except for a book project that I’ve transferred to Scrivener. I appreciate the lower price Ulysses announced and their honest explanation. That honesty enhances my confidence in them.

If we’re honest here, we’re kinda spoilt for choice when it comes to Markdown editors. I’m really happy with Ulysses because it just fits my style — both in a visual and an operational sense. I only renewed a month ago; am I bitter that I missed out? No, because three or four years ago I ditched my cheap subscription for SetApp, then ditched SetApp and politely asked if I could get my old price back. They said “Yeah, for a year, sure.”

I also had occasion to ask for some support for an issue I was fairly sure was not Ulysses (some folks here may remember my epic, 842 day iCloud problem) and they were really helpful in quantifying what Ulysses was responsible for and what it wasn’t responsible for, and pinpointed the issue to iCloud Drive syncing. Then they suggested some additional troubleshooting I could do using other apps. When I gave up on iCloud, they carefully explained the why’s and wherefore’s of moving to DropBox syncing, and 800+ days later, how to get back to iCloud while protecting my valuable text. I’ve never lost a word from Ulysses, despite iCloud’s best efforts.

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