Ulysses subscription pricing change?

there are no third party alternatives on iOS which is what I am speaking of.

FWIW TE’s website claims Ulysses supports what you’re talking about:

Maybe TE is incorrect, or maybe Ulysses has added it recently?

“TextExpander Enhanced” only means the app supports the “basic” text expansion. The same expansion you get with the TE Keyboard, but enhanced allows you to use external keyboards with the app. If you look at that page (which is woefully out of date), there are little checkmarks on apps that have FULL TE support (Fill-Ins) which Ulysses does not have.

Ah, crud, I see what you’re talking about. That’s a weird way of doing that page.

More to your original point though:

It seems as if your argument is more along the lines of “iOS apps marketed at power users - especially apps that charge a significant premium - should support power user features like TextExpander”.

Is that a fair summary?

actually my argument is that ALL text-centric apps should have FULL TextExpander support. It costs the devs nothing as the SDK is free and they do not need to pay any sort of licensing fee to include it in their app.

But your point is valid that If a $5 lifetime app like Byword can do it, its embarrassing that a $50/year power user app like Ulysses cannot.