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For your information — The new course from The Sweet Setup on Ulysses is available. I upgraded to the pro version replacing my 2017 edition. Got a discount. There is a 20% off offer for new buyers (first week). I like it but am an enthusiast of Ulysses and Sweet Setup.

This morning I paid for the upgrade to the course (which I’d originally bought last April). This is from the email I received the other day, describing the features of the original course, the new free update, and the new modules in the paid upgrade:

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I’ve started chewing my way through the 12 setup interviews. Three of the four of the interviews nwere screen videos. Haven’t looked at ebook lesson yet or other new material.

I am interested in Ulysses but also finally settling down a bit into iA Writer, after jumping through all the different writing apps.

For those who use Ulysses or have enrolled in the course, is there a “presenter” or “reading” mode.

Current Workflow.

  1. Drafts (idea)
  2. Majority Writing (iA Writer)
  3. Weekly Presentation (use iA Writer Preview mode allows pinch and zoom)
  4. Archive (DevonThink) - Currently leaning towards keeping my speaking engagements in iA Writer and not DTPO.

Ulysses is my just right app… not too hot, not too cold. It does not have a teleprompter mode, but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Your app lineup looks fine if it’s your perverbial just right. I also use Drafts to build ongoing lists write little texts such as this post, or speed an email on its way. Devon on the iPad did not work for me. (Yes, I know millions know it is their best app. I’m glad.)

Ulysses likes - other apps offer similar

  • The library organization model — Example, I use a combination including tags and smart folders to sort story ideas into used, maybe, and a group of everything.
  • Typewriter mode (highlights line, current paragraph …) as an optional element of the distraction free mode
  • The ability to keep separate reference notes in the fourth column as well as word counts and pictures.
  • The ability to included templates and comments in the main sheet/draft

Though I appreciate the Sweet Setup course and up graded to the pro version. It is not necessary. But it can cut learning time. I believe Ulysses still offers a trial version.

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Bringing more focus to my blog. I’ve read/heard this before. But I may heed it this time around.