Ulysses writing with out wifi?

Hi Folks,
Any Ulysses users/writers out there that can answer a couple of questions please. Can you write in Ulysses without being connected to a wifi network? If so any workflows as to how the writing then gets saved and updated to Ulysses once wifi is available again ? Thanks in advance, stuart

I have done this, it saves to the local drive and will upload to iCloud Drive when you get a network connection again. (I travel on planes without wifi a fair amount!)

Thanks Rose for your reply, are you talking about writing on ipad?

When either the Mac or iPad (or both) is going offline I make sure first to sync Ulysses on all devices. Otherwise it can be confusing – sheets appear here, but not there, etc. I do the same after all the devices are back connected to WiFi / iCloud.

Both! Of course, editing the same sheet on two devices while both are offline is not a good idea, but other than that I’ve had no problems. As @anon41602260 said, making sure everything is synced in advance is a good idea.

thanks quorm for your reply

If you edit the same sheet they’ll both appear with a conflict message & you can manually reconcile.