UMMMM. Smart Keyboard Not Smart Anymore After iPad OS Update

Just noticed. My Apple Smart Keyboard does not work after the iPad OS update. Cleaned the contacts with swab and rubbing alcohol. Anker Bluetooth keyboard is working. Have mouse support turned on. Turned it off, restarted iPad, Smart Keyboard still not working.

Hm. I’m writing this from an iPadOS iPad Pro 11” on a Smart Keyboard. I’ve just enabled mouse support and it’s working fine.

I’ll report back if I start having trouble.

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There is something most definitely amidst going on here on my end. Just now, when I went to answer the post, my on screen keyboard refused to slide up, and my Smart Keyboard would not work. Totally forgot to try my Anker Bluetooth keyboard before I rebooted. Typing from the on screen keyboard again now after the reboot.

Just tried the Smart Keyboard, still not working. Typing on the Anker Bluetooth here, so that works.

The mouse support was the only thing that i could think of that may have been doing it, but as you pointed out, that does not seem to be the case.

I have also run across that sometimes, a icon in the dock will not open a app, but if i go to the app icon on the main screen, i can open that app. Doesn’t always do that, and it is not always with the same app. Doesn’t seem to make a difference if i am using the mouse or the keyboards.

Bugs are to be expected with anything new. Just speaking up to see if others are experiencing the same things.

Thanks for the reply!

There were comments about mouse support being buggy from either Ryan or Federico in the most recent episode of Adapt, if I remember correctly, albeit they were still on a beta.

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I encountered the same problem with iPadOS 13.1 beta 3-4. It would not work for sometime especially with Safari. Was traumatised from the previous Apple iPad Keyboard that stopped working immediately after its first year. So far I did not encounter the same problem with the latest GM release. I guess it is still not fixed for some. Already reported it back then.

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