Unable to add Outlook to share option in Finder

This may be a newbie question but I am pulling my hair out. I am unable to add Outlook to the various share options. I suspect that I am missing something basic. It is checked off but grayed out and not available on the list.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated because it is critical to my workflow.

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I do not use Outlook, but Do you maybe try to share something, that might not be compatible with Outlook?
Does Outlook shows up under System Preferences → Extensions → Share Menu?
Have you set Outlook to your default Mail App? (Apple Mail App → Preferences → General → Default Mail App (or similar?)?
It might also be the case, that MS is still missing its Plug-In that is needed for this?
In this case, the following might be a possible Approach to your problem

Another complication can be that your work won’t allow you to share using Outlook. My institution does not allow cut and paste and other sharing options thus limiting the utility of Outlook and yet we are forced to use it. Also can’t use the widgets. ¯_(ツ)_/¯