Unable to connect to internet even though Network shows green light


I’d love some help with troubleshooting a connectivity issue which is puzzling me. I’ll share what I think is relevant. Please ask for more to help clarify and resolve. Thank you in advance.

  • I use a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021). M1 Pro. Monterey 12.4 is installed.

  • When I connect wirelessly, it works so so. I am 3 yards from the router. I am looking for better performance.

  • When I connect to the router output with a standard RJ45-RJ45 cable along with an RJ45 to USB A Apple adaptor with an Ankey USB A to USB C adaptor - even though the green light appears next to the icon associated with the USB C socket - using Safari I am unable to connect to the internet.

I thought a green light in System Preferences > Network would automatically provide connectivity. Seems not. I’ve attached a screen capture of what I see in System Preferences and happy to provide more.

What could be causing this? and how can I make it right?

I look forward to your help!
Thank you. Neil

I have had a similar problem, Resolved this
by eliminating the USB-A-C bridge connections
and used a USB-C Ethernet adapter

Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet


You are using two adaptors.
Has that worked before at any time, or on an other network?
Can you reach other devices within your network from the Mac, so is it only the internet that is not working?
Have you maybe a setting (Children Protection) in your router, that prevents the assigned IP from reaching the Internet?

The Wifi could be bad, due to a too short distance between the router, and your device. It could help to get a larger distance between both, and/or to alter the position of the router/the antenna(s).

I noticed that the DNS server is set to the router’s address. I would check the router setting to see what DNS server it is redirecting to. It is not uncommon that the default DNS servers offered by ISPs can be flaky, slow or both.

You could override the DNS with a public (preferably fast) DNS server. A quick web search will give you a comprehensive list of alternatives.

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May I ask why you’re using two adapters? As mentioned above, using a single adapter such as a USB-C to Ethernet adapter would likely solve the issue.

Did you ever sort this out @nplanchon?