Unable to download Amazon Prime Video content (on Mac)

I’m trying to download a few videos from Amazon Prime Video (Outer Range, season 2) at home to watch later (on a train), but all videos fail to download on my Mac (0 bytes). The same videos download fine on my iPad on the same network, but I’d rather watch them on the 16” screen of my MacBook Pro than the 10,5” screen of of my iPad Pro.

How can I debug/fix this?

I don’t think they allow that. DRM restricted.

To clarify: downloading using Amazon’s own Prime Video application, which means that downloaded content is only available within that application, with an active Prime subscription.

I don’t think they would offer this functionality if they did not allow you to use it?

Amazon support via chat is usually responsive and helpful. I suggest you ask them. Might be some limitations, e.g. number of devices or something.

Aha! I just use the browser interface.