Unable to play albums in iTunes and Music.app

I have 3 albums that I’m unable to play in iTunes and the Music.app on iOS (I use iTunes Match and not Apple Music). I suspect that I downloaded these albums during my 3-months trial of Apple Music back in 2015, but I’m not sure. I could also have purchased them and then there is some error.

Any thoughts out there or anyone else with the same issue?!



When you right click and select “Show Info”, then navigate to the File tab, what do you see? It should indicate whether it was a Purchased AAC or an APple Music file.

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There is no indication of either… this is what I see basically in all three albums25

View info for a single song, then there should be a “file” tab (or whatever the localized term is for your language setting), which should provide you with that information.

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I looked at all three albums at random songs. They all had AAC. What do you think is the problem here? Any suggestions?


Okay so this is a file that looks like it was uploaded by you at some point and currently lives in iCloud but, for some reason is not accessible. So it does not appear to be an Apple Music file.

Is your iTunes Match subscription currently active? If so, I’d recommend logging out and then back into your account in iTunes and attempting to re-download that file, because at the moment it seems to be stuck in the cloud!