Unable to remove old email account (iOS 14 beta)

Previously on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 13) under settings, there was a Passwords & Accounts section, where I could go in and add or delete email accounts.

Under the iOS 14 beta (I’m now on the 4th release), it now only shows Passwords (the Accounts bit no longer shows).

I used to have a MS Exchange email account for work on my devices. I no longer work there, so want to delete this account. Fine on my Mac, it is deleted. But on my iPhone and iPad I can’t see how to get rid of it and every now and then get prompted to update/enter the account password.

The account does not show in the Mail app and I have even been into Keychain on my Mac and deleted all references to the account, but still get ‘bothered’ on my iPhone.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I know all the warnings about running beta software, and this issue is not a major one, just a bit puzzling. :slight_smile:

The mail accounts are now under settings -> mail -> accounts

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Thank you!

Of course, I had deleted the Mail app from my iPhone, so there was no Mail under settings. Reinstalled the Mail app, which put it back under settings, then I was able to delete the no longer needed account. Phew! :slight_smile:

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