Unclutter App - my favorite Mac app and its Ukrainian developer

My favorite app on the Mac and the first one I install on every Mac I own is Unclutter. David recommended it on a Mac Power Users episode years ago. It is a “shelf” that drops down with three panels - a clipboard manager, a notepad and a place to store files - and Unclutter syncs with all my Macs too. The Ukrainian developer has given me outstanding support over the years with almost immediate answers to my questions. Now would be a great time to purchase a license and support him.


I bought a license last week for just this reason. :slight_smile:


Bought it earlier today.
Don’t really know how I’ll use it, but maybe it will help the dev in some small way.

I hope it will be able to store aliases to files, rather than moving them. We’ll see.

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Related: SetApp (a Ukraine company) put together a “Made in Ukraine” collection of 22 of their apps, and encouraged subscribers to install of of them so that the developer share of the subscription fee will flow to those folks.


This seems like a very cool app! Thanks for the recommendation! Love this forum!

Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking at it now and will likely buy it.

I probably started using it for the same reason years ago. It’s now second nature for me to throw some text or files up there for a time. Maybe not the first app I install but it’s invaluable nonetheless.

Had no idea it was a Ukrainian developer. Thanks for sharing that tidbit of information.