Under desk rack for Mac Studio

Does anyone know of a suitable rack to mount the Mac Studio under a desk? I can’t find any at the moment.

On Upgrade Jason Snell mentioned that he’d ordered this one.

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Thanks for posting this link @ChrisUpchurch, looks a good option. Not sure I can find one here in the UK but will have a look.

or you could just MacSparky it…


Oh no that poor Mac Studio :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


If MPU does merch again, it might be fun for them to see if they can find custom-printed MPU duct tape. Maybe with a printed pattern of all the devices David has ever duct-taped to his desk. :smiley:


Don’t think I will be going down the duck/duct tape route. There must be a market for these racks. I will build one myself if I have to! :grinning:

I have now ordered my Mac Studio and want to find a solution to the under desk mount. Has anyone seen recent products for the Studio which will mount under a desk, ideally near to the front?

This is the one linked above in the thread which looks good although designed for 2 Mac Mini’s:

I think that @ismh mentioned he had ordered one of the 3D printed ones on a recent podcast. Perhaps they are a better option in terms of being custom designed for the Studio? I have found this on Etsy but the seller is ‘taking a break’:

Any help much appreciated if anyone knows of other sources.

Just reporting back. I found an online 3D file for a desk mount design and got a local 3D print guy to create one for me. We adapted the design to create more air flow.

Really happy with it. The design is not as snug as the photo above but gives the Mac some more breathing space.


I think I’d be happier if there were bigger air holes underneath.

Is there any kind of ventilation under the Mac Studio?

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Yes, there are holes in the base but the main ventilation is at the rear.

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@MartinPacker not sure that would achieve a lot, after all there aren’t holes in the average desk that a Mac Studio may sit on.

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Yeah, that was my question.
So there are actually NO holes in the foot of that thing, so it would make absolutely no sense to put Air-Holes in those area, as there is no air to float.
The holes visible on the picture of the Studio are facing not to the bottom, but to the side, and so they are covered with the holes we could see on the pictures of the rack.

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Ah yes, I see what you mean. Totally agree!

Thanks for the update! I’m still waffling about where I want to put my Mac Studio. I like this design because it has more room on the sides, so it should have a good flow of air into the case through the intake at the bottom.

Right now I’ve got it sitting on a 6-inch cake tin at the back of my desk, which looks precarious but is actually fine. And better-looking than the cardboard box I had been using.

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The extra room on the sides is proving useful as there is enough to slip an external SSD down there if plugging into the front. A side benefit I had not anticipated.


Can you point us to, where you found the Printfile?

This is where I found the file. My 3D print guy made it slightly bigger and added the side holes.

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Thank you, this will fit my Prusa, so my brother will get a nice surprise on X-Mas for the Mac, he has on his list… :smiley:

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