Understanding DEVONthink and iCloud Sync

Where are my DEVONthink databases stored when choosing iCloud sync? When I click on iCloud Drive, I expect to see a DEVONthink folder next to all other other app folders, but I don’t. I see the DEVONthink to Go section in the Files app on my iPad, but not sure where to find them on the Mac

I am eager to ditch Dropbox once I can confirm everything is sync’d to iCloud.

Love some help! Thanks

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It is not different than the other sync platforms. Your databases are wherever you put them on your Mac. The syncing files/data is what lives in the cloud. But youand databases are not in iCloud per se (unless that’s where you put the original databases).

Ok thanks! I was just curious where in iCloud the data lives. It looks like within the DEVONthink to go section under Files

  1. Never put your databases in a directory or location that syncs. You must use the sync mechanism that DEVONThink provides. That goes for all options.

  2. With the new iCloud sync available in the DEVONThink apps, the database is stored locally on your Mac, then syncd using iCloud not iCloud Drive.

  3. It shows up in the Files app because the DEVONThink developers set up the database as a file provider on iOS.

I personally love that we can pick and choose which database is syncd to each device. In a way it is like selective sync.

The forums over at DEVONtechnologies are great for support. Very helpful.


Thanks Stephen!

That’s what I was hoping for, thanks for spelling it out so clearly. This is so great because it allows me to store my DEVONthink databases on an external drive on my Mac yet sync them to iCloud. With a 500GB internal storage, a 5TB external storage, and a 2TB iCloud Storage, I can finally get data from the external drive connected to my Mac to iCloud without it having to be on the internal drive (ahem, iCloud Drive).

DEVONthink for the win.

Let me add one more dimension to this:

You can sync a database to multiple sync locations!

For example: I have an iPhone from my job that does not have iCloud on it. I can sync one of my databases to both iCloud and dropbox or a webdav or all three. Then have my work iPhone sync with dropbox.

I tend to travel to places without the internet (or very limited access) for a week or more a time. ALL of my databases are set up to sync via iCloud but also Bonjour. That way when I am without internet access I can connect my iOS devices to my MacBookPro and sync and never touch the internet. When I finally get on the internet again, iCloud is sync’d and bought up to date.

And all of this is encrypted (if you turn it on).

I’ll admit, when I first started using DT I was overwhelmed and even asked for a refund. After spending a month reading up on it, specifically their PDF manual, and their forums, I purchased the office pro and the iOS version. Couldn’t be happier. Then even ship scripts to properly backup and zip up the databases.

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Sadly, my plan did not work.

I was not able to go from my databases to iCloud without avoiding my internal HD. Everything got synced to my Mobile Documents folder inside my Library folder. Filled up my internal drive in no time. Ugh!

Back to Dropbox.