Undismissable system alert popups

I’ve recently been encountering system alert popups (e.g. see attached screen grab)
Once they popup they are unresponsive and do not take any clicks and I am unable to get rid of them except doing a restart.
This started on my 2019 Intel MBP and continues on my new M2pro MBP. I have also done a reinstall of Ventura 13.6.4
Any ides?

Do you have any external storage that you are connecting to your mac? An external hard drive or a thumb drive or something? Possibly your phone via USB? Or maybe even something which is not a storage device but could perhaps be mistaken for one?

That screen shot was only an example - other typical alerts might be:

  • xxx app would like to access items in your downloads folder
  • you have forced xxx app to quit
  • xxx app would like to access files on a network volume

The point is that they cannot be dismissed or actioned by clicking the blue outlined button (which varies depending on the specific alert)

Did you copy everything from your old Mac to the new and bring the problem forward? If it were mine, I would erase and set up the new Mac again from scratch and move software and data over a little at a time in an effort to catch the bad stuff.

Or get it to Apple for diagnostics (which may even be able to be done over the phone).

Are you running any mouse pointer enhancement apps? Apps that make the cursor more obvious on the screen?

I had a similar issue and I tracked it down to a conflict between Popclip and Keymou. Disabling either resolved the issue. Note that my issue eventually resolved itself, perhaps when I updated to Sonoma.

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Ahah! That’s it :smile: Thank you so much. The app is Pro Mouse (and is very good for what it does - apart from this newly found conflict!)
When I quit it I have now dismissed the popups.
Thanks again.

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