Undo for Dropbox on iPad?


I love using Dropbox. I enjoy getting to my files and presentations, etc., no matter where I am, when using the iPad. I mean, isn’t this one of the things we brag about w/ our iPads?

Lately, I guess I’ve been “stopping to think” (or “slow and clumsy”) and slowed down when scrolling, etc.

I keep dragging random folders into other folders and I can’t always see where things went! --There I am, happily scrolling, then I accidentally drag the screen, things on-screen move differently and suddenly I have one less folder and I’m not sure where it went :frowning:

Is there an undo function on the iOS ver. of Dropbox?

Have done this two or three times this afternoon – I was able to find and fix one; but I know at least one got away from me (not sure if one of the three really did move or not).

Very frustrating.

Any other solutions/thoughts?

Is there perhaps a way to restrict the iPad from moving folders? … I have no current desire to drag and drop folders into other ones right now!!

Thank you all in advance,


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iOS has the (perfectly ridiculous) shake to undo the last command. I don’t know if this works with Dropbox but you could test it out.

On the web, click the ‘Undo’ link in the green dialog that appears at the top of your screen. (Ctrl+Z and ⌘+Z work too.)

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I’ll give it a try next time I accidentally “drag and drop” when I don’t want to!

The activity log might be helpful in figuring out where things have gone. Dropbox support can also use this to rollback your account or retrieve files when things go sideways.


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I know I’m in the minority here but I’ve always liked the shake to undo feature :grimacing:


It does seem like the perfect way to start over again. I know I’ve typed something and either autocorrect or my big thumbs have misspelled everything and it’s just easier to just shake the iPhone whilst saying “For Pete sakes” and start over :smile:


Shake To Undo isn’t bad on the iPhone, but with a ~$1300 iPad Pro at 12.9" it feels risky and stupid.