Unified inbox for Slack mentions, reactions and keyword alerts

Through my work and interests, I’m in a lot of Slack communities.

Slack includes a “Mentions and Reactions” tab which aggregates content specifically for you (e.g. @you messages, keyword alerts, replies to your message etc) for your currently selected Slack community, but only for that community.

The problem is that I have to manually click through each community to see the “Mentions & reactions” for each one. It’s like having 11 email inboxes, and checking each individually instead of using an unified inbox.

I’d really like a unified inbox for these Slack messages. Any suggestions?

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at Slack, but I think you could probably do this with Zapier with a zap that copies “Mentions and Reactions” from all 11 communities to your personal channel in one community.

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