Unilateral hiding a photo someone shared with you in an iOS shared photo library

Maybe I’m missing something obvious…

Yesterday I noticed that I picture I had just taken a minute earlier was no longer in my photo library. I finally figured out what happened:

My wife and I have a shared photo library. The picture I took was posted to the shared library. Wife saw the picture, didn’t find it interesting, and selected “hide”.

Now, that seems reasonable to me. And in fact, it moved it to her Hidden folder.

However, it also moved it to MY hidden folder.

Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to work in a world in which two (or more) people sharing a library all have the same taste :slightly_smiling_face: But shouldn’t there be an option for someone to hide pictures selectively WITHOUT also hiding it for everyone else?

If anyone can delete a photo in iCloud shared library it’s not unreasonable that they are also able to hide it, IMO. Perhaps the simplest solution is just to stop sharing it.

How to use iCloud Shared Photo Library

I thought this video was a very good overview of iCloud shared library

I agree with @WayneG. It is a simple matter to move the photo to your private library. My approach is to not automatically put photos into the shared library and make the decision as to whether or not they belong there later when I can think about how interested my wife would be in the photos. Exceptions to this are when we are on some sort of joint venture when I will change the camera setting to save to the shared library. This helps us to not duplicate photos when we are both taking pictures.

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In this case, photos should be posted to your personal library by default and then if required, moved to the shared library.

Thanks, guys. This (setting default to Personal) is indeed what I ended up doing. I still feel that from a UX experience, hiding (and for that matter, deleting) photos in a shared library should be person-specific (and then delete a photo permanently when all participants deleted it).

I think that would add a massive amount of complexity (Implementing different views for different people with each photo having flags for each user) not even accounting for people being added and removed from the library. Apple seem to have done a great job of KISS (Keep it stupidly simple) for users while allowing the shared library feature.

I’m also hoping that in the future Apple allows multiple shared libraries, the simpler the implementation the better.

Personally, I believe that Apple have done this the right way around, everyone sees the same thing, otherwise it’s not truly a shared library.