Uninstall Dropbox macOS File Browser

Has anyone found much use for the new Dropbox app that was launched last year for macOS? I find myself using Finder almost exclusively. Is there a way to uninstall it?

Here’s an article that touches on it https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/07/dropbox-support-reps-dont-seem-to-know-how-dropbox-for-mac-works/.

No, I hate this thing and it’s going to be the reason why I switch to full iCloud Drive when my Dropbox subscription is up for renewal next year.


I don’t like it either. You prompted me to look again. There is now a button in your dropbox preferences to turn off that feature. I just tested it and it appears to remove the feature or at least disable.


@Scout is correct: there is a simple checkbox in Dropbox > Preferences to remove the desktop app feature. See screenshot below.

I wondered what the problem was. I have never seen this desktop app even though I have used Dropbox for several years. Maybe the desktop app on startup is switched off by default now?


Thanks. I think I managed to find how to switch this off a few days ago as well. I think it’s interesting that Dropbox is trying to make their product more useful as I think their engineering on the syncing side is unparalleled but they shouldn’t make users have to opt out.

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I tried to like the Dropbox desktop app. I agree, did not find it useful. Now the Smart Sync feature works flawlessly and is one of the things that kept me on Dropbox another year.


Another reason I’m annoyed is, whenever I click on a Dropbox file notification on MacOS, it opens the file in the Dropbox app and not in Finder. Anyone figure out a way to open in Finder?