Universal Control - 90 Day Check-In

In this thread I said I wanted to check back in after 3 months to see who was still using universal control. Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Never tried Universal Control
  • Tried UC a few times (testing/playing) but not in workflow
  • Used UC regularly in workflow but have since stopped
  • Using UC regularly in workflow

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I am trying to use it but for unknown reasons it only works intermittently.

Same here. I selected “using regularly” only because that is my intention. But in practice, regular use depends entirely on whether the feature is working. Sometimes it just refuses to work. In that case, I use the hardware button on my keyboard to switch between my iPad and Mac. When UC works, I prefer it, but fortunately, I have a usable backup for when it doesn’t.

Yeah, I tried to work it into my workflow, but I’ve run into these intermittent problems so I gave up for now. I’ll check back in the fall to see if it has become more stable.

Ditto here - not working 100% of the time. The other issue is computer goes to sleep, iPad goes to sleep. I sit down and shake my mouse and my computer wakes up. I have to reach up and poke the iPad too. (Not in an easy place to reach.)

Really useful when it works which is not at all these days!

Actually, it works with my MacBook but I can’t get it to work on my iMac. Does it attach to a Mac device and stick to it?

I use it quite a bit throughout the day on most days. I use my iPad a lot. I use my MacBook a lot. So, my use of u/c should not be surprising: it is a natural extension of how I work.

U/c works great for me and I can’t think of a hitch that I’ve had to deal with. Two things I wish were improved: 1. I want to access my iPad from a particular side of my mac display, but every day the system sets it to access from the opposite side. It’s easy enough to change. But I don’t want to change it all the time. 2. It chews through battery life. Solved by keeping my iPad plugged in at my desk.

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I have my iPad next to me all day on an extension arm and I love universal control. It works 100% of the time, finally, although it was not working between updates.

I find it great having iOS right next to me to focus on an app. Love the feature.

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Turned it on to try it once. It worked fine. Then I tried to think of a reason to use it and came up empty.

Forgot all about it until about a month later when without warning my pointer fell off the screen and I didn’t know why. A few seconds later I found it wandering around on my iPad looking lost and confused. Or maybe that was me.


It’s sooo good!

When it works.

Which isn’t often.

I wanted to, but I found out that it interferes with my Logitech mouse. I can’t used any keyboard modifiers.

But I love it when I have two Macs open as I can use my mouse/kb in there.

I’m not sure if this helps anyone, but I had used it with my iPad Pro and my iMac first, then wanted to switch to the Mac Book Pro and the iMac but it wouldn’t work until I turned off Bluetooth on my iPad Pro which was still near by.

I use Universal Control on a daily basis and find it very useful. For me it give me another full work device (it has MDM) and is great for stable video calls.

I upgraded to iOS 16 Dev Beta the day of WWDC, and it is working quite well. From time to time modifier keys don’t seem to work when typing (i.e. shift / command / option), but this is the only real issue and it doesn’t happen all the time (and can be cleared with a re-boot).