Universal control - how to put iPad at the top of MacBook when arranging windows

I often find myself working whilst mobile, and put my iPad behind my MacBook elevated, as I typically join video calls using my iPad.

The problem is that Universal Control doesn’t seem to accept this as a valid placement when arranging my displays in system settings.

So I’m hoping someone might have a work around, as this does seem to be something apple have overlooked?

If you try to place the iPad like this

It just moves the iPad back to the previous position

Hoping someone might have a work around.

Thanks for any help!

PS - If you extend your monitor (sidecar feature) you are able to arrange the displays with the iPad on top:

PSA: Be careful physically positioning your iPad above your MacBook. If the iPad were to tumble down, you could put a hideous scratch on the Mac’s screen. (Ask me how I know.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is fair enough, perhaps I should be a little clearer, the iPad is behind the MacBook, but raised.