Unknown iCloud usage in family sharing member

Here’s a weird issue. I was reviewing our family’s iCloud usage, and I saw that one of my kids was using almost 30 GB of our family quota. On my end I can see his total usage, but not what is using the quota. When we tried to find this on his iPad, I also can’t see the breakdown of what he is using the iCloud storage for. Maybe because he is a minor on our family sharing plan, clicking on his user ID/photo at the top of the Settings app doesn’t do anything.

Anybody run into this issue before? Any way I can tell what is using all of the quota so that we can see if maybe some of this can be pruned?


With this size of Data, my first guess would be some Photos with a High-Res.
It is a regular privacy function, that you can only see how much storage a family member is using, but not the exact content.
This could only be checked on the devices of the single family member.

That’s the weird thing. I can’t seem to see a breakdown on his iPad, and while I also assumed it was some big video files, his photo library is under a ⅓ of the total use.

Have you checked it in the iCloud section of the settings?

There you could normally see detailed how many iCloud storage every single App is using.

That’s what I was trying to convey in my original post. It’s odd, but when physically using his iPad, signed into his iCloud account, I can’t access the iCloud section of the settings app. It’s greyed out and doesn’t do anything when tapped. The only thing I can access is the grouping underneath listing the family members.

Solution found: I had to review his iCloud usage on iCloud.com!

Thanks for the link!


I leave the two links below, in case someone else is getting onto this thread with a similar problem.

Is there a kind of child protection active on this iPad?

Maybe also this is of help
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Yep. That’s true too!