Unlimited free local graphs now available for Roam Research

Previously these were only available for ‘believers’ but are now available for any paid subscribers.

If you are still using a free ‘beta’ account, like me, these are not available.


… tempting, very tempting.

This was a constraint for me when I used to use Roam, so I’m glad it’s been removed.

Be aware though that they are still stored in the browser cache. I never used these local graphs because I was too worried about losing them.


This is an important point. Local Roam graphs are not stored in what one might call the “documents” part of the Mac filesystem, but in the browser cache. This has the potential to cause issues if, for example, you’re using more than one browser (as I do) or using Roam on multiple devices. There’s the risk of conflicts between different browser cajoles; loss of data (if you clear a cache) and so on.

Also note that local graphs are genuinely local - i.e. not available on multiple devices.

Provide these are understood, the option for local graphs is a Good Thing. Just be careful - please