Unpopular, but important to me: Email apps/services with tracking

I know, I know. But my line of work depends on knowing (or at least having a digital trail regarding) whether or not my message was delivered/read. I understand the various potential failure points and privacy implications. Regardless, I’m asking for suggestions from anyone who shares my need.

All that said, I’m currently using Polymail, and I like it very well. It does the job admirably, but there are just enough annoyances and friction points for me to seek something equally solid but better regarding the fine points, so here I am.

I’ve tried both Outlook and Mailbutler, both of which disappointed me, and that’s why I’m using Polymail, which I consider to be far more robust and reliable as far as tracking goes. But damn those little annoyances and friction points.

Anyway, I can live with Polymail, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I’m game.

Thank you in advance!

Searching for “polymail alternative” will result in a good deal of information from multiple sites, some of which I been using for years. Personally I see no problem using email with tracking. Anytime we click on a link or download anything we leave a footprint.

Try Canary Mail, it has email tracking feature and PGP

How about including a “I have read this email” button/function in every mail?

Personally, I wouldn’t oblige to such use, but I can imagine if you work with the government or such, similar practices are common.


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I use Superhuman and this works perfectly for what you need.

I can see when an email is delivered and when emails are opened, although you have to enable it in the settings.

Warning though - it’s $30 a month or $10 a month for academics. In addition, it only supports Gmail.

I use it because I teach 500 students per semester and need to be able to process emails quickly and track email, which is a huge part of my work. If you use email less, it’s a big investment.

If you want an invite, send me a message.


I use Mailbutler and Apple Mail for this, but I’d love to ditch Mailbutler.

I was pretty sure Superhuman was the best answer but wanted to wait to see if @Rob_Polding would chime in. :slight_smile:

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How can it tell the email was delivered without them opening it?

I’d be interested in knowing that too. As an email admin I occasionally had a user ask me if a particular email had been delivered. All I could tell them was, if the message isn’t returned to you for some reason it was delivered.

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Yeah, that’s my least favorite email question. Even with complete access to the raw server logs, about the best you can do is tell whether or not the email made it to the mail exchanger - it’s a black box from then on.

“All I can tell you is that Google accepted the mail. I have no idea what they did with it after that.”

I’m not sure how it works, only that it does! The status changes from held (as they hold it to allow undo for a few seconds), then it goes to delivered, and then opened (with the time they open it).

Does Superhuman give you visibility on each open of the email, or just the first time it’s opened?

Does it support per-recipient tracking, where there are multiple recipients or CCs?

My question is do the new Apple Mail features prevent this sort of tracking?

Only the first time they open it.

Sounds like “delivered” is their shorthand way of saying “handed off to the receiving server”. That’s not nothing, but with modern blackholing and similar technologies it’s a far cry from being assured your email showed up in somebody’s mailbox. :slight_smile:

I have just checked and I was wrong, you can track every time they open it. You can also track all the recipients if there are multiple.

I use SalesHandy, a Gmail/Google Workspace extension. It tells me if any email has been opened and if a link was clicked.

Newton Email does this and it works with many different services. You will know every time the email is opened etc


I’ve been using Canary Mail though Setapp, which has this feature, and it does the job well. Only gripe is that it when you send an email to multiple people, it can’t track which specific person has/has not read the email.

Can any of the tracking companies do that? It seems like you’d need to send several separate emails, each with a different tracking pixel, to accomplish that.