Unroll.me iCloud replacement

Sorry, I’m an amateur. I think this post is in the wrong place. Please help!

Effective tomorrow, iCloud email isn’t supported by Unroll.me. I know many abandoned it, but the email I have associated with it doesn’t receive important or personal info. Most people looking for a replacement seem to be looking for an unsubscribe tool. I am less concerned with that and looking for an app or tool for iOS that groups various emails. I can’t seem to find a filter tool for email on iOS. Even if I could, that seems cumbersome compared to unroll.me. Any suggestions?


Is it on iOS? I hear about Sanebox often, but looked & couldn’t find it. I’ve downloaded several apps looking for an alternative, but none seem to do what I’m looking for.

Sanebox isn’t an app that runs on your device. It’s a cloud service that accesses your email account directly and filters your mail into folders. You can see those folders with any email client.


Another vote for Sanebox, I couldn’t live without it.

I currently have 500 students who are always emailing and all their emails are caught by it, while anything important remains in my inbox. It took me from 50 to around 5 emails a day in my inbox and works splendidly.

I can now process the non-urgent emails at two allotted times each week and never miss anything important.

As Chris said, it processes your emails before they reach your email client, and doesn’t require an app.

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Thank you for clarifying. I feel dumb. Setting it up now using the 14 day trial!! Thanks again!