Until Bartender works in Big Sur: Try “Hidden”

One of the biggest things that I miss when trying out Big Sur is Bartender.

There’s a simpler app called Hidden which is available for free.

Version 1.5 works fine with Big Sur:

For some reason, version 1.6 stopped working in Big Sur, but 1.5 is still available at the link above.


I’ve been using Dozer, which also works well. It’s easily installed via Homebrew.

Thanks for this. :blush: I’ve also been using Dozer, but it’s definitely got some issues still in Big Sur. I hope Hidden is a bit more stable. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks @tjluoma, I’ll try it, while monitoring this link for the Bartender Big Sur beta


I’ve tried Vanilla, Dozer and Hidden Bar and ultimately settled on Hidden Bar. Don’t remember my reasoning behind the decision but it’s indeed serving me quite well.

Your link refers to a specific blog post, which probably won’t get any updates.

In fact, there’s already a newer post on the same subject:


(I have the blog feed in Feedly)

I wish the Mac Bartender blog had dates attached. I’d love to know if it was written today, or a month ago, or somewhere in-between.

(time passes)

Aha! If you go to https://www.macbartender.com/blog/ there are dates shown. The first was from July 7th, the second from August 18th. Definitely adding to my RSS feeds.

Update - where is the RSS feed?

@rob - can you post the feed URL? I can’t seem to find it, and neither can Feedbin.

I added http://www.macbartender.com/blog/ to Feedly.

Huh. I wonder how Feedly is doing that, because there’s no RSS/Atom feed there.


They probably create RSS feeds by spidering sites on behalf of subscribers. I used to manually use Page2rss (which appears to be down now).

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Sorry, seems like I misunderstood the Feedly website UI, so I exported all feeds to an OPML file. This is the feed’s URL listed in that file:


If I open that URL in Safari (on my iPad) it offers to open it in Reeder, so I think this URL is correct?

Thanks. Interesting - it’s not in the page itself or discoverable with my browser’s RSS-finding extension.

I bet they redesigned the website and forgot to put the RSS link in there.

As I added it to my RSS feed yesterday Newsblur noted that 10 other users had previously subscribed, so it must have been (more) easily available at some point in the past.