Unzipping Archive with Windows File Structure?

The problem: I have downloaded a .zip that, when unzipped, should result in a folder with a complex set of nested sub-folders. Instead, I get a single folder with no subfolders but where all the file names include the expected folder structure in a format like this: 100\VOL001\00001\COR 00001.pdf.

This is clearly due to the expectation that the .zip would be expanded on windows, where the file system interprets the \ as a directory limiter, much like / in macOS.

Question: Is anybody aware of a utility that will expand .zips like this on a Mac in a way that results in the proper folder structure?

Have you tried 7zip?

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Apparently Stuffit is still around.

Thanks. I gave it a shot, but StuffIt doesn’t seem to work at all. (It appears to complete, but no expanded files show up anywhere.)

That said, the negative reviews of Stuffit pointed me to The Unarchiver, which works and preserves/interprets the folder structure correctly. Cheers!


I did not try 7zip as I’d need to help other folks who are not comfortable with the command line to do this.

For what it’s worth to anyone with archive issues, Keka is the best free archive utility I know of for Mac, and BetterZip is the best paid one. BetterZip also makes a free Quick Look extension for archives.