Update: Apple Photos - export photos with title, caption, and keywords

My setup: MacMini M1/Big Sur 11.2/Photos 6.0 - all up-to-date

I have multiple Apple Photos libraries. For simplification, let’s say that I have 2 libraries: System Library (which, as you may guess, is the system library) and an Archive Library.

– If I export a photo from the System Library with title, caption, and keyword all checked, I can import into the Archive Library with title, caption, and keyword intact.

– If I export a photo from the Archive Library with title, caption, and keyword all checked, I can import into the System Library but title, caption, and keyword are all missing.

My question: Can photos be exported from non-system libraries with titles, caption, and keyword intact?

Since I originally posted this, I have discovered the problem is a little deeper than I first thought . While my original problem remains as described, it seems that there are problems with Apple Photos 6.0 when exporting jpegs as far as retaining metadata (Titles, Caption, Keyword). The problems are inconsistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Seems to work OK when exporting to tiff files. I have been working with Apple Support and the problem has been escalated to engineering. I expect to get follow-up later this week.

This gives a little more explanation. So, it seems this problem has been known for a while and maybe a fix is imminent. I did not try the application that is mentioned in the article.


Thank you for the update. I’ll be watching the followup.
Sidebar: I have a lot of photos going onto webpages and into a book. I never thought of the Archive Photos Library. Thanks for the idea.

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Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I’m now running into this issue as well. I have thousands of jpegs to export with captions, and they export, but no captions. If I drag and drop they keep the metadata including caption, but that’s painstaking work and the problem is that the file names cause the photos to lose their sequence…

Welcome to this forum. I never did hear back from Apple support and, I’ll admit, I never followed up with them. I just tried to export a photo from my archive library with a title, caption, and a keyword and none of these showed up when I imported the photo into my system library. So it seems the problem still exists. I’ll try to contact the rep that I was working with at Apple.

I just discovered this issue myself. I’d actually started forcing myself to add captions to pictures as I took them and later title and keyword the images using my Mac, but now I worry that’ll be a waste of time if none of the changes get saved when I transfer my images to Lightroom at the end of the year. Looking forward to hearing that there’s been a fix.