Update--found the problem re: All Contact GROUPS Disappeared!

Well, this is a first. I go to send a group email and all of my groups are gone from contacts. All contacts remain, but all of the groups have disappeared. Now I must recreate all of them.

Has anyone else experienced this? Cause? I’m on the new MBP M1 Max with the latest OS.

Are they hidden with View > Hide / Show Groups?

Sounds silly, but this one has bitten me in the past.

I wish, but no they are not hidden. In fact, all groups but two are gone. Very strange. This pretty much convinces me not to trust important notes Apple Notes. I’ve been experimenting with using AN and Craft for all work notes and Reminders for tasks. Now I’m nervous …

I’m confused. How would Apple Notes delete groups in the Contacts app?

If you’re using iCloud, have you looked at the restore options for Contacts on iCloud.com settings page (under Advanced on the bottom left of the screen)?

I would probably do a local backup of the current Contacts and try one of the restore archives offered there to see if that brings back the groups. Also, by reading this you agree to release me of any and all liability :slight_smile:

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These are iCloud-stored contacts, right? Are groups visible on the web in iCloud.com?

If so, you try, in System Preferences > Internet Accounts, unchecking contacts, waiting, and then re-enabling contacts again to see if they sync back. It will take a moment for contacts to re-appear if you do this.

Unfortunately, the groups are also gone on iCloud.

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Found the problem but not explanation! I went into Contacts preferences. For some reason, the work CardDav was no longer enabled. I did NOT change anything, it was simply disabled. So, issue resolved but I’m nervous about why this happened.

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