UPDATE--It Just Got Worse / Getting frustrated with MyFitnessPal

I’ve used MyFitnessPal (MFP) for about three years. I track my caloric intake every day for every meal and snack. MFP is a great app. However, recently the app has started throwing me to an ad page after entering my meals, forcing me to exit out of that ad page before I’m back at the main interface. I dislike this, a lot!

I hate to leave MFP but I’m willing. Anyone having this experience? Have you moved to apps like Lose-It? Other recommendations?

It doesn’t show me that with that paid version.

  1. MacroFactor (amazing and undergoing active development)
  2. Cronometer (also great, if a bit hard on the eyes (IMHO))

  3. MFP

In my opinion, the price they are asking, has no healthy relationship to what they are offering for that.
And I also stopped using MFP for that new behavior!
So they are loosing also the revenue the made in the past with showing adds anyway.

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I’m using the free version.

Foodnoms was my solution to replacing MyFitnesspal


This looks very good, I’m going to give this one a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m thoroughly enjoying FoodNoms. @drezha thanks for the recommendation!

It is so much more pleasant to use and I’m not being thrown into an ad page. Below is a screenshot from this morning. For the record, I only permit myself a net 1,450 cal./day. The large calories available is because I did my daily run after the early breakfast. :man_running:FoodNom calculates the burned calories in calculating how many more one can eat and still hit the net calorie goal.

I see some issues with FoodNoms, unfortunately.
The “Scan” failed for me with 4 out of 5 times.
I get the trial for the “Plus” Version.
It adds a tracker for intermediate fasts, but I found no way to insert a start or end time. Nor planing or actual.
It adds a tracker for water, alcohol and coffee, but this does not mean, that it tracks the amount of fluid you drink over the day, what actually is the only reason to track “water” at all. So if I have a milk, a coke or an orange juice, I had to track that as water, and if I have a coffee, it tracks the caffeine, but not the amount of fluid I get with that to, and the effect it had on the fluid level of your body.
During the initial start, the app asks for your weight, and this is an important information for an app like that, cause it makes a large difference for your basic used calories if you have a weight of 50kg, or 150kg.
But I found no way so far, to insert the changes of the weight. It also don’t get those informations from Apple Health, where it is stored from my digital scale.
Also, there where are difference of more than 600cal (more!), between the amount of calories I am “allowed” to take every day to reach a certain goal with this app, compared to the amount MyFitnessPal is calculating with the same data I inserted, and compared to some calculations I got from different sources from the Internet, and my doctor.

So far, I unfortunately don’t see this app as a real replacement for an app like MyFitnessPal.

Has anybody an other suggestion for a replacement?

This is “good“ information. :blush: I also ran into one scanning problem but otherwise it seems to work. As to tracking other items, the only thing that I track our calories. I don’t care about anything else. I am also comparing the calculations of this app and MFP. It could be that I’ll just have to put up with the stupid ads on MFP if this app doesn’t prove to be accurate.

I eat at the companies cafeteria every day. I grab a plate and get some stuff from the buffet. I skip the fat stuff, go for salads. That’s my main course. How do you deal with that in any of those apps? I can enter stuff I buy, can scan the barcodes. That’s why I stopped using any of those apps and just use my gut feeling.

When it is difficult to be definitive I choose the food in the app that most closely matches what I eat. It’s not perfect but I tend to lean towards logging more calories than I think it may be because I would rather be on the conservative side of my calorie intake. My experience is that logging every meal nearly every day has proven beneficial. That said, it can be a pain to do this but I believe, for me, it is worthwhile as I’ve always tended to be careful about my caloric intake and my running routine. My doctor seems to be pleased with me as well. I’m blessed to have never had any significant medical issues, my weight matches what the medical advice recommends, and my blood pressure remains normal. Of course any of those are subject to change. I just consider myself blessed but I also try to be disciplined in these matters. Sometimes discipline is just a pain. :joy:

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Within Europe, a cafeteria should provide you with the relevant information. Otherwise within MFP I used averages for that, and often carry a small scale. It is a little bit complicated in the beginning, but you get used to it, and I lost a lot before my accident with MFP.

All the required information (allergens) is there. “Calories per serving” is not there. And since it’s a buffet (luxury!), probably not possible. Today: 2 grabs of Tabouleh and added some mixed salad.

My doctor, on the yearly checkup, always says, that people like me will get him jobless. .-D And my weight is within limits for 18 year olds. :smiley: Also my fitness levels. So I am OK.

Just wondered how you were doing it. I found it to be too much of a hassle and guesswork, so stopped tracking calories. I just set some rules (no eating between meals, no chips, no crap, no sodas, less fat, 90% vegetarian,…) and it works quite well. I struggled a little during the lockdowns (gym closed, swimming pool closed,…) but that’s history.

I am reassessing all the fitness apps, since I am setting some huge goals and need some training plan/tracking. MFP is on the list for removal.

You can easily put a empty plate on a scale, and also the plate with your Tabouleh on it. And Tabouleh, and many other food items, are either already listed within the app, or you can get the average calories from the internet.
But to be honest, you are not getting any significant amount of calories by eating this anyway, so why doing any calculations at all?

I am, at least, keeping track of it in my head. But when I start some serious training sessions, that’s not enough. I already have an appointment with a performance diagnostics specialist and depending on the results of the bloodwork I will probably look into the intake of some trace elements. And since I am planning to improve performance, it’s also about protein, etc. Calories is just one way to look at the whole thing.

I eat mostly at home so it is easy to scan labels. MPF has most of the restaurants I frequent. Otherwise, I select the closest thing I can find in MFP. I’m with you, my rules are: no seconds, no snacking between meals, no chips, fries (I never order fries at fast-food joints), etc. I will have dessert when my wife makes it, e.g, homemade apple pie. I don’t request it but I’ll never tell her not to make it–I wasn’t born yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t do vegetarian, unfortunately, there are too many vegetables I don’t like. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t do vegan, I love cheese. I eat meat, but try to skip cheap meat. That’s why “90%”.

Since you also skip the snacking, you already cut the “worst offender”.

As described, I don’t have a calorie problem. But I certainly need to balance the stuff more. Since I don’t eat that much meat, I need to look for iron. And magnesium. I should be eating more legumes. :smiley:

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Likewise. I don’t eat much red meat however, mainly fish, chicken, turkey.