<Update, others not having issue> FYI - iOS 17 Beta 2 has disabled GPS on my iPhone, proceed with caution

Update - a few friends have reported that they aren’t having the same issue with GPS, so it is an isolated issue, Beta 2 seems stable for everyone.

Firstly this is all part of #BetaLife so no issue, this post is not seeking support or troubleshooting ideas, just to let others know that something might cause an issue after installing iOS 17 Beta 2 on iPhone only.

After the upgrade from Beta 1 to Beta 2 today, my iPhone GPS isn’t working at all across Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze. Nor are my shortcuts that are location triggered working.

I’ve tried toggling GPS permissions for apps in settings.
Confirmed that wifi is turned on.
Re-booted phone

(my iPad with iOS 17 Beta 2 doesn’t have the same issue)

If you have the same issue, please do leave a comment, else it might just be me :slight_smile:

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Not running the betas, but I had a thoroughly bizarre issue with GPS a couple of days ago. It gave me directions, I made a bunch of the turns it asked me to, including what I realized was a drive around a block for no reason. Then I was driving down the (objectively correct) street that it had navigated me to, and it said “proceed to the route”. I thought that was weird. Then it interrupted itself to tell me to continue straight for a mile and a half, and 1/2 a block later it told me to make a left turn. I didn’t, and it said “proceed to the route” again. I mean…I could literally see the freeway on ramp I needed in front of me. Then another 1/2 block later it told me to take the on-ramp.

It was like Maps was drunk. I’m wondering if maybe they’re doing something weird with it and it’s affecting different people differently?

I had something analogous a couple weeks ago. It mapped to my destination a few miles away from me, but as if I was much further away, and gave me bad turn directions based on that far-off location. Restarting the Maps app fixed it.

Update on my GPS issue, no matter what I did (settings changes, reset network etc), couldn’t get GPS to work again after installing Beta 2.

I backed up my phone
Setup as a new device, and it worked just fine
Then I restored phone from backup and it’s working

Just sharing in case this happens to someone else.