Updated a couple of my workstations ;-)

Added an external monitor to this “workstation.”

And I think I may have found my new happy place.
iMac Pro and external LG rotated 90° and 270° (respectively) using SwitchResX.


Isn’t reading that screen while rowing really difficult? I am jealous that you can do it, I don’t think I could even walk and study/work at the same time.


Oh no, I can’t read much while rowing (things go in and out of focus). I just watch videos, YouTube or Coursera, maybe a TV show like Alias. And lately realizing I need to watch things that don’t require much thought, so Linus Tech Tips, or videos about Emacs or Vim, maybe philosophy, etc.


I don’t mind admitting I had that Farrah poster in my bedroom too. Of course, I was 13 years old at the time :grinning:

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Autographed 8x10 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like your note to “future John” :+1:

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A message in a bottle, so to speak.
I’ve been thinking lately about how information transmission happens not only through physical channels, such as wires or written on paper, but also through time. E.g. saving a file to disk, then opening it at a later date sends the information not only through physical channels to and from the drive, but also through time. And there are challenges associated with that, such as data degradation, aka. bit rot.

The Wikipedia article mentions that cosmic rays can cause flipped bits. My tin foil hat seems to have served me well; should I be taking extra precautions with my Mac and external SSDs?

Yes. Redundancy is really the only protection.
BBC article on the effects of space weather.

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