Upgrade from iPad Pro 10.5 to 11?

Hello brain trust. I want to buy my daughter an iPad that she can use for podcasting, writing, light music recording and similar. I believe she can use the new iPad Air and that would be sufficient.
I have the iPad Pro 10.5” that I love. What are your thoughts about spending an extra ~500 ish and buying myself a new iPad Pro and giving her my old one? I want LTE support that mine doesn’t have.
Other option is buying an Air now for her and spending that extra cash next year and then bequeath my current one daughter no 2?

When you say podcasting, do you mean creating and editing or listening? Editing can be done with Ferrite even on an iPhone, but the bigger the screen the better - and support for the new pencil is great so being able to use that is nice.

If it’s just listening, any of the current iPads should be fine :slight_smile: Your current 10.5" iPad is definitely capable for pretty much anything she might want to do though.

Hi Rose - she’s actually recording them. She works with PC based software (where did I go wrong??).

From the way you describe your daughter’s uses, either the 10.5" Pro or the Air would work for her. I think the real question is whether the upgrade to the new Pro is worth the extra cash for you. What are you using it for?

For me, the game changers with the 2018 iPad is FaceID and the new Pencil. FaceID works much better for me than TouchID. Because the new Pencil is always there and charged, it’s far more useful than the old one. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve moved a lot of my handwritten notetaking to Goodnotes on the iPad and I also get good use out of the Pencil as a precision pointing device when editing text or using Jump Desktop or Luna Display to remote into a Mac.

The other thing you mention is getting LTE. I consider that a must-have feature of the iPad. Since you don’t already have it I’d be tempted to upgrade for that alone.

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Hi Chris- I use my iPad primarily for what you described; taking meeting notes with GoodNotes.
I love the Apple Pencil and the new one intrigued me. I know an Air would satisfy my needs but…
So that’s one vote for an upgrade! Come on folks! Use your Democratic right to spend my money!

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I’d personally wait until WWDC to see what is announced for the feature set of iOS 13. If it opens up new possibilities on the iPad Pro 11, then I’d upgrade it. If it doesn’t, then keep your 10.5.

I don’t regret at all making the same jump you are proposing. That being said, when I did so I decided to slow my iPad purchases down in the future. I can’t keep up with the constant change (more specifically, I don’t want to from a financial perspective). So I’m treating my iPad much more like a laptop before…upgrade every few years at most.

I absolutely LOVE the Pencil 2. I’m not an artist, but having it on the iPad all the time comes in so handy. I use it to mark up docs, edit videos, or just navigate within apps. Also, I agree with previous mentions about FaceID. Love it on the iPad!

You will not be disappointed by the Pro. The 12.9 should be considered as well imho, I love mine.

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